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Contractor Forms and Letters for Vendors

Forms and contracts based on your business correspondence to your vendors.

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Bad Invoice Letter

This letter is written in response to an incorrect invoice being received from the vendor. Specifically, the problem is that the invoices do not match with the purchase order that authorized them. These problems are sometimes the result of accidents, but sometimes seem almost on purpose. The letter details the problem and nicely says that further payment will not be made until the invoices are corrected, showing the originally agreed-upon prices.

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Cancellation Letter

In some situations, you may be forced to cancel orders from vendors that are not delivering their products as agreed. In such situations you will need to send them a legal cancellation of the order. This letter should be sent to the delinquent vendor via certified return-receipt mail. (Or via an overnight service that will give you a signed receipt of delivery.) As long as you detail the reasons for cancellation and have proof that the letter was received, you are legally protected. The tone of this letter should be sympathetic, but firm.

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Contractor Qualification Form

You will find this to be a very thorough qualification form. By the time you finish reviewing this form and the financial statement and insurance certificate that are also requested, you will have an extremely detailed portrait of the prospective subcontractors. Once this form is complete, you can call the phone numbers that are listed on it (bonding company, bank, insurance agent) to verify that the information given to you is correct. You should also call the references given on the form to verify the subcontractor's abilities and service characteristics.

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Hazmat Request Letter

This is a request to a vendor/subcontractor for hazmat information sheets. You should be able to get hazmat sheets on any hazardous materials you buy from the vendor that sells it. The letter states that the vendor should have the sheets sent to you quickly since the government's requirements upon you are strict. You can also write a section in your purchase orders requiring hazmat sheets on all applicable materials within a certain number of days.

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Invoice Problem Letter

This is a letter to a vendor that has been making mistakes on his or her billings. In this letter you should describe the problems in detail, if you have not previously. This is a polite letter addressing a problem that is neither purposeful or severe.

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Lost-Bid Letter

This is a polite notice to a bidder that he/she did not win the job.

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Material Delivery Letter

This is a letter that outlines the delivery requirements that you will require from a vendor. The letter references your purchase order for the material and clearly defines the delivery requirements. Note that a 24-hour prior notification is required of the vendor. This is something that you should use as a standard procedure since it can help you avoid a lot of last minute hassles, especially for unloading difficult items. The 24-hour prior notification should also be written into your purchase order, with this letter being used as a double verification.

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Paying Late Letter

This letter is a request by the contractor for an extension of credit terms due to a financial shortfall. Because of a financial difficulty, the contractor is being forthright and asking the vendor for an extension of time. To do this properly, you must inform the vendor as soon as you know that there will be a delay, briefly explain the cause of the delay, and specify a date on which the vendor can expect payment.

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Purchase Order

This is a basic purchase order form. Notice that the form specifies a three-part number to be included on two copies of an invoice. If you use these numbers carefully, they will be a great aid to you in the tracking and checking of invoices and billings. Note also that this purchase order is designed to be signed by the vendor that receives it. This verifies that the vendor will have to comply with the explicit terms of the purchase order and any attached cover letter. Doing this has helped many contractors avoid problems.

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Purchase Order Letter

This is a cover letter to a purchase order. It reiterates that everything included in the order must be delivered exactly as specified, unless the changes are agreed to in writing. To get an extra measure of legal protection you should include a cover letter like this one with every purchase order that you issue.

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Request for Credit Letter

This is a simple letter requesting a charge account from a vendor. This letter presupposes that you have been buying from the vendor for some time on a C.O.D. basis. If your company has a good credit record, you can simply state that you would like a charge account, state your credit references, and inform the vendor that they can call you for further credit information.

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Subcontract Cancellation Letter

This letter is a final resort to a problem with a subcontractor or sub-subcontractor. By the time you write this letter, you will have made the decision that the original subcontractor (the one who is getting this letter) is not able to live up to his or her contract. In this situation, you have two objectives:
1. To establish your legal standing in the termination of the subcontractor agreement so that you will have no future liability.
2. To make sure that you can get the subcontract completed with no additional expense (no cost overruns).
If you send this letter with no previous letters, your legal situation will not be solid; this is the last of a line of letters, not the first.
This letter specifies that you will be back-charging the recipient for any cost overruns on the completion of their contract. Assuming that you have a well-written subcontract agreement with them, this can be legally done. But bear in mind that the subcontractor may file for bankruptcy rather than pay you for a cost overrun. Because of this, do your best (even before you write this letter) to assure that you can find another subcontractor who can do the job within your budget. Send this letter via certified, return-receipt mail only.

Price: $5.00 USD

Subcontractor Payment Problem Letter

This is essentially a letter requesting prompt payment. It can be used by almost any company in the construction business. It is written from the most common standpoint, that of the subcontractor requesting payment from a general contractor. For all other situations the letter will require modification. The letter explains exactly how long your company has been waiting for its payment and why you are not capable of continued waiting. Notice that this letter assumes that the only reason the general contractor is not paying you is because he or she has not yet been paid. The letter goes on to explain that neither you nor the general contractor are required by contract to wait so long, and that you need them to approach the owner about getting the situation straightened out.
The second-to-last paragraph of this letter is the "playing hardball" paragraph, which you may wish to remove on a first request. It mentions that you are sending a copy of this letter to the owner's representative. Assuming that the general contractor is not being honest, and is in fact holding your money, this paragraph is likely to secure them some grief from the owner. (Which, in such a situation, they would richly deserve.) For your first letter, you may wish to simply threaten such action, by revising this paragraph to read:
"If you are unable to resolve this situation by the end of the week, we will be forced to send a copy of this letter to the owner. We have been advised that we must do this to assure our legal protection."

Price: $5.00 USD